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The camp offers students the choice to study any combination of traditional French, Indigenous, and/or Celtic music and/or dance during the course of five days. Students can develop and strengthen their skills to a higher level, in their current field of study – but they can also experience, explore, and learn new skills that are part of other cultures that they haven’t been able to try.  Students will come to camp identifying a major and up to three minors to study; they can have a cultural focus or a discipline focus while at the camp.

2019 Class List
2019 Class List
Watch for the 2020 class list to come the beginning of the new year.

The 2019 Camp was sold out! 

Mark your calendars for February 1st, 2020 to register for the August 17-21, 2020 camp.
Example Schedules

Student A - Fiddle as their major and only wants to do fiddle.

Student B - Indigenous culture studies as their major with a Gaelic Song minor

Student C - Wants to experience a little of each culture in various disciplines

Student D - A Suzuki student wanting a Suzuki Violin focus, with one traditional experience